I’ve been on an otome binge lately, so honestly, I didn’t feel much like taking time out of that, to write! ^^;; But since I already finished Sengoku Darling (all the routes out so far), Nightshade (which was AMAZING~!! Hanzo is bae ❤), & Black Wolves Saga -Bloody Nightmare- (omg… Guillian is best boi!!!!)  I decided I would write a quickie review ON-

ReBirthday Song~++


 This game was the first one I started on my otome binge! And I don’t regret it in the slightest! I honestly didn’t know what to expect from it. I went in, completely blind. I came out, ABSOLUTELY satisfied. I was lucky to pick up and play this game, thanks to the lovely translators who worked on the English patch! (I have no skill when it comes to reading Japanese T_T) If you are interested in playing it for yourself, you will have to buy the game off of Amazon or Ebay, and you can use this patch to help you play it in English!

        Oh man… Where to begin with this title. I guess, from the beginning? I don’t want to spoil the main meat of the story (or the routes), since part of the fun is figuring it out for yourself! The revelations are to good for me to spoil them, so I wont!

I can say, without a doubt, there is replay value in this game! Once you finish a route, extra “thought” content unlocks in each of the five guys routes, giving his perspective on certain situations that occurred! (SO CUTE!) Also, you get the chance to unlock both the Rebirth End & Shinigami End, which is a win-win in my book! These endings would both be considered good, depending on your viewpoint! I can’t recommend this game enough!

So I’ll  keep this short and sweet~ ❤


You, as the MC, start off alone and confused. However, you do remember hearing a familiar voice. Just who does this voice belong too? What is it trying to tell you?

Anyways, you wake and meet a a talking owl! This talking owl, with a monocle and everything, whisks you away and takes you to a special castle. This castle is a school and your future home base throughout the entire game, save for the occasional moments in other areas! 

     It is here, the owl, who happens to be the Headmaster of the school, informs you that you are in fact dead and that your soul, rather then passing on to Heaven, stays in the Netherworld. So of course, your next bet is to become a Shinigami! Because, well, that’s what the school does of course. Trains Shinigami! (think reapers~!)

     So you agree, because what other choice do you have? And then, some time passes. You learn that in the course of only like a month or two, the MC isn’t doing so hot in school! In fact, she is doing horribly. She doesn’t pay attention very well, she isn’t getting good grades at all and her favorite subject is, well, sleeping & lunch! SIGN ME UP, BECAUSE THAT IS ME 24/7! #relatable

In order to become a full fledged Shinigami, like the handsome men pictured above (Zen & Rikka), you have to pass a test and be paired with a fellow partner! If you fail the test, well you are NOT getting a partner! And you do not become a Shinigami. Our MC is in turmoil over this, but she has high hopes anyway! Maybe she’ll pass? Maybe!? Well, despite Zen and Rikka’s support… SHE FAILS!! T_T

     THUS, our MC fails so horribly, she is placed into a special supplementary class where she meets our 5 romance routes! Four out of the five are open to play, though! The last route, Nami-senpai’s is unlocked, AFTER, you finish the other routes!

The order in which you finish these routes is somewhat important, since one particular route could ruin it for the zinger at the end! But i will say, each guy is amazing! 

I suggest starting off with either Kairi or Yoru first, since their good introductory characters! Also, the common route is pretty long and extremely good! I simply adored the MC in this game! She is so spunky and kind! She may be lacking in self-confidence, but that doesn’t stop her from wanting to push forward and help others! (Seriously, the amount of times i cried for that girl… T_T) And the guys are supppper supportive! Gosh, are they so supportive and cool! 

I must insist you do AME’S route LAST! I felt his route divulged the most when it came to dropping those hint bombs on the true story underneath the surface, so if you don’t want to get spoiled early, I suggest going for the green haired cutie last!

As I stated above, each of these routes is fairly long and has three different endings you can obtain. ReBirth Ending, Shinigami Ending & The BAD END! With both the Rebirth & Shinigami Endings, you get CG’S, and there will be no CG’s for the BAD ENDS! (yay!!)

No seriously, YAY!, I particularity hate games that force you to play the BAD END, in order to obtain a new CG! With this game, NOPE, you get CG’s only for the two other endings that are TO ME, considered GOOD ENDINGS! xoxox IT’S A WIN-WIN! You not only get to replay for extra content, but you get ANOTHER good end! It’s GENIUS! xoxox


Ayyyyyyy, once you finished with all the other four routes, NAMI-SENPAI is unlocked! So start your game over and pick the new choices that appear for his route~! AND GOOD LUCK!

Should You Bring Tissues?

I never considered ReBirthday Song to be tragic or painful! Not in the slightest! Was it sad? Yes, it was, but not the type of sadness that makes me wish I never opened the game up in the first place!! I found the story endearing, heartfelt and it made me cry from happiness, frustration and empathy towards the characters.

As I continued to read, I started to really grow attached to all of them! Even Yuyu, the supposed comedy relief, side kick! Each character made me just wanna scoop them up and hug them! Their lines bounced off of another perfectly and the MC was apart of that! IN FACT, she was the glue that bound them all together! AND THAT IS JUST MAGICAL TO READ~!


Do I recommend picking up and playing ReBirthday song? YES, please, do it now! The soundtrack by the way, really clinched it for me! The flow of the music went well with what was going on and I was admirably impressed! If not for the story, at least play it for the soundtrack! (seriously, play it for the story though… >.>;;)


Awww, thank you guys for sticking with me! I know I should write a lot more… BUT THE GAMES!! D: THE GAMES CALL ME~! xoxoxo   

My next piece should be on either Nightshade or Charming Empire, HECK MAYBE EVEN Black Wolves Saga! I’m not sure! I know I have to finish Sengoku Darling Routes Reviews, but just give me some time! ^^;; ALRIGHT,  cya guys next time! I’M BISHIE and I’ll see ya lata~! 



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