*knock knock* Hi, hi! It’s been awhile! I’m back to divulge my thoughts on Black Wolves Saga -Blood Nightmare-, the game that my sister from another mother @ManaMizer bugged me CONSTANTLY about!

I’m talking constantly! Massive side eye to her >.>;;! : P LOVE YA GIRL~! 


When I had some down time to myself, I decided to finally get around to starting this game up! Thanks to the amazing fan-translators (that worked hard) I was able to play this game through the VNR! And you can too via the link HERE.

So there I sat, reading in the dark.

AND THEN IT WENT FROM ZERO TO A HUNDRED real quick! Just one thing after the other reigned down upon our MC, and oh my gods… She couldn’t catch a break!


In the opening we’re introduced to wolves attacking a village, their just straight up going in on this village of humans!! There’s just all this growling, screaming and the crunchy noises of people eating… It’s pretty intense! Why though!? … Don’t worry no spoilers here ^_<


Cut to our MC in her tower, sipping some tea and wishing she was outside. I had some Rapunzel flashback vibes here. I was like okay, cool, the tone has calmed down. Great! I can relax! We get introduced to some new characters, everyone is all smiles, she still wants to go outside, etc, etc… AND THEN…



Here comes this guy, Auger, barging in and ruining the party. No seriously, he ruins the dinner their having, that’s straight up rude. If this game couldn’t be even more crueler to the MC… Doesn’t even let her finish eating!! *shake my head*

This handsome, cat eared fellow, is the twin brother to Mejojo, who happens to have the the hots for our MC. Our MC is a rare breed of human, and has extremely fragile health! (Thus… why she is in the tower, to keep her from getting sick)

Well, Auger, being the good brother he is, decides to fetch our MC away! Under the pretense that she is being ARRESTED, because apparently, SHE IS A WITCH!


Obviously this is a lie to get the MC’s butt into the castle, so Mejojo can woo her, but these twins be crazy! Like you need to read some of the stuff that happens with these two. The best part about playing this whole game is just sitting back and watching everything unfold.

The common route is the longest part of the whole game! Once you’re done with it, the routes to me seemed variably short compared to the common route. Disappointing in length, but story wise, all the routes were extremely gratifying. 

ESPECIALLY MY MAIN BOO Guillan!! (woof~ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) <3)


Anyways, once your stuck in the castle, it’s not all glitz and sunshine. Especially with those twins around. Your family, Nesso and Zara, are trying everything to get you back! To, uh, not so good results. 

(ノ′Дヾ) oh noes…


Yeahhhh, that doesn’t look like a face that is ready to let you go. ^^;;

Well, do you end up escaping? Do you eventually get saved by the wolves? Why were they attacking the village? Why are you talking about the twins so much!? 

Woah, woah… One question at a time! The reason I bring up the twins a lot, is because the common route is basically 89.9% them! It’s their story, with the wolves mixed in! 

What? Don’t believe me? Play it! No seriously, it’s a good game! Once I started, I didn’t stop. I finished the entire game in a night! For me, after clearing the common route, it was smoothing sailing for every other route! (Entirely addicting to read!)

You need to unlock multiple bad ends and good ends, in order to unlock some of the characters! Like Arles, you need to complete the twins 3P route! Oh yeah… 3P… I WROTE THAT! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

Is it worth all that trouble to unlock these characters? Sure is! I 100% completed this game because I wanted more of this edgy, dark, otome game! I was left wanting more! MOREEE I tell YOU!! mwahahahahaha *cough, hack, cough* Ahem, sorry! ^^;;


Don’t you wanna know more about this cast of characters? I’m sure you do! THEN GO PLAY THE GAME! Off with you~!

Pick up Black Wolves Saga -Bloody Nightmare-  HERE

And the translation HERE


I’m Bishie and I’ll see you all in my next review~! xoxoxo


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