Bishie here! Welcome back to another Sengoku Darling route review! Next up, we have Keiji Maeda! He was one of the prominent characters we were introduced to in the prologue! He manages to stop a thief from stealing our coin pouch and hands it back to us with a bright smile! Kojiro happens to know him, though he isn’t a happy camper about it!

And so, without further ado! Let me delve into Keiji’s route for all of you~!


Kojiro, our bodyguard, doesn’t have much of a high opinion of Keiji. At first glance, it’s quite apparent that the man isn’t exactly a normal looking samurai. He wears brightly colored clothing (latest fashions even), is loud and is extremely tall!

But despite all of that, our MC still decides to allow him to escort her to Echigo! And the journey isn’t a short one, it takes several days even! Along the way, the trio stop at rest areas and places to eat! There is even a cute little short story, between the MC and Keiji! (It’s adorable! xoxo)

Anyways, the group makes it to Echigo and right off the bat Keiji proclaims that the MC is the princess! Uh oh! Guess no hiding for her! Kojiro gets mad… But what’s done is done and the MC forgives poor Keiji, who apologizes. He hadn’t meant to let his tongue slip like that and he was just being honest. That’s just the type of person he is.

The MC is introduced to everyone and then Keiji decides to take you out to see Echigo the next day!

keiji 7

Reading Keiji’s route felt so relaxing! He is the epitome of a gentle, doting, man. He quite literally always is smiling and wants nothing but for the MC to smile as well. Just like the MC, I forget as well that war and battles are forthcoming. (I’ve read the other routes! I know what’s up >.>;;)

You may tell yourself that there is a ‘but’ coming when I continue to spout how happy and bright he is. Well there IS another side to him, BUT, it’s not at all what I had expected.

All this sweet, kind, bear of a man wants is peace. Yup, he doesn’t want to fight anymore! (though he doesn’t tell you that in so many words…) His dejected look when he tells you this, even brings the MC to be bold and hold his hands, as she wishes for the same thing, so that he wouldn’t have to fight anymore. (You go girl! ^_^)

“… love at first sight…” 

Just as the quote says, this route was truly all about the love the pair shared! Honestly, all the fighting and stuff took a back seat to their romance! Not like the other routes, where the guys would come back wounded, or had important strategies to plan, etc. This romance bloomed early and Keiji went straight to telling the MC his true feelings.

keiji 56(A letter from Keiji to MC)

keiji 5

I loved how this man wasted no time in telling the MC his feelings. He is a man who speaks from the heart and goes with his gut. I respected that the most about him. He didn’t have much as a childhood. He left his family and was lucky enough to be taken in and become a respected warlord.

Well, with that being said. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows in this route! (sorry ’bout that ^^;)

The main conflict is that our MC needs to choose a side. Either Kai and or Echigo. After she chooses a side, she has to return home! Once she returns home, she has to find a husband and conceive an heir!

Even if she chooses Echigo (Keiji’s side), she still needs to return home! But Keiji can’t follow her! Or can he? (This is where I started to tear up…

keiji 4

Wanna know more? Hehe, well play the route for yourself silly! The game is available now on IOS and or Android! The routes are only 4.99 each!

All in all, Keiji won me over to his side!

But Yukimaru remains the true MVP!! (that man’s sad ending, got me balling like a baby!)

I simply adored Keiji’s attitude, his endearing smile, his constant knack for making myself as a reader smile and even his keen eye for beautiful things~! He is a genuinely sweet, gentle man and wanted nothing but to have the MC smile for him, truly. Even though 95% of his route, she was crying! (uh oh~!)


Yukimaru and Keiji were both prominent figures in the prologue, and both are openers for their regions, so if your undecided upon which regions of guys to choose from, then these two routes I say play first. It gives you a general idea of each of the characters you will be meeting. Which is nice that the routes continue to let you examine the other characters you have a chance to date later on~!

Two Routes Left…

        So now that I’ve finished Keiji’s route, that leaves me with only two left! Uh oh! But it looks like MORE characters will coming to this game very soon!


So I guess I got my work cut out for me! XD


My Birthday is coming up and as an early birthday present, i was gifted an Itunes gift card, to which I was specifically told to buy a certain game.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Guess I don’t have much of a choice now do I!? But do I look like I’m complaining? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Shall We Date?: Teen Samurai -I’ll be back my love-


This will be the next game I’ll be doing reviews on, once I finish up with the available character routes in Sengoku Darling! I am so excited! I can’t wait!! xoxox

giphyBishie Out~! xoxoxo


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