Welcome back to another Sengoku Darling review! Today I’ll be covering the delicious, adorable cupcake, known as Sasuke! I genuinely fell in love with this boy! Even his tsun nature was endearing! I also loved the fact that he is a ninja! So without further ado, here we go~!


Following after the prologue, the MC decides to go to Kai. In order to do that, we have to find Yukimaru. Well we find him, but he happens to be talking to someone, who quickly tries to hide. Luckily our bodyguard is pretty darn sharp, and manages to weedle out our next romanacable character from the bushes!

In steps Sasuke Sarutobi, our golden haired ninja, who wants to know who we are. Well Yukimaru makes up some excuse for us, but it’s pretty clear Sasuke isn’t buying it. In fact, he’s upright rude at first. Also, him and the MC’s bodyguard, Kojiro, start going at it. Haha… Not THAT way! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

In the end, our first meeting with Sasuke isn’t exactly peaches and cream. In fact, not a few scenes later, Yukimaru is assigning Sasuke as your own personal bodyguard and Sasuke throws a fit! Definitely not a happy camper. Even starts a tussle with Kojiro! >_<


Well, the next day comes and the MC takes to her new role as being the quote on quote maid, but Yukimaru (who still loves you by the way!!!) doesn’t want the MC to get her hands dirty. Soooo, the MC offers to sew and he agrees with that!

While your sewing, Sasuke comes up and surprises you. He apologizes about the other day and even gives you flowers! Now remember, he doesn’t know your a princess. In fact, he thinks your just a commoner, like himself! Anyways, you two really hit it off and from then on, he keeps bringing you flowers and the both of you, continue to spend time together.


It gets really funny when Kojiro steps in sometimes and riles up Sasuke. I really liked how their routine bounced off one another and made things way more fun. Especially seeing how Sasuke reacts towards being called a ‘monkey’.

Time passes, and Yukimaru goes off to a battle. leaving Sasuke to protect you. Also Kojiro leaves for the battlefield as well! So it’s practically just the two of you left.

This open ups a new scenario that takes place outside the manor, where the MC almost gets kidnapped and Sasuke rushes to her safety! All the while, bumping into his arch-nemesis! UH OH!


Wanna know more? Well, Sasuke’s route is now available! You can download it on iTunes or the Google Play store! I highly recommend playing his route! His and Yukimaru’s! *swoon*

Sasuke was the third route I played,  and his was refreshing, since it opened up new scenery to me! The last two routes, always left me in the manor, so to be out in the forest and meeting new characters was awesome to me!


As a ninja, Sasuke is adept at many things. Medicine, field work, etc! He had it tough and he even explains as to why that was. Which i appreciated story wise. It wasn’t boring in the slightest! I really enjoyed learning more about this boy! His love for you is so endearing and heartfelt! I had a goofy smile on my face the whole time reading.

tumblr_inline_nuy3rf8Osy1tq6w69_500How was his route? AWESOME! 

But that was everyone’s route so far! I am really enjoying this game! I just wish I had more time to play! Next up though, will be either Naoe or Nagao! I’m not sure! I think I’ll do a coin toss! : D

Alright guys! I’ll see you next review!


BISHIE OUT~! xoxoxoxoxoxo


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