Imagine your sitting reading a book somewhere and then suddenly, your name is being shouted out, over and over… AND OVER! Are you imagining it? Good, because that was half of Shingen’s route! The guy wants to know where you are at all times and you better not be with ANY man!

This is Shingen’s route in a nutshell! Now, don’t get the wrong idea. The route isn’t bad because of this! Not in the slightest. In fact, it’s pretty damn endearing, since the guy thinks of only you all the time. Hell, I’d think he was yandere, if he wasn’t going off making sure his people and or his land was safe from enemies. He is a really awesome guy! Did I say that? No? Well, HE IS AWESOME!

7IqJ3dpeAfter the initial prologue, instead of going with Yukimaru (my bias~<3), you end up just wanting Yuki to take you to Kai. So of course he agrees, because the boy loves you~! But in order to stay, you have to meet Lord Shingen first, because that’s the big boss! Anyways, you agree. Hiding the fact you are a princess and why you are traveling in the first place.

Oh snap! Shingen takes a fancy to the MC, right off the bat! Look at poor Yukimaru’s face! (pic above) Didn’t see that coming! So instead of becoming the assistant to Yuki, which was the plan from the beginning, Shingen up and decides the MC will be HIS maid instead~! Fun times! NO, seriously!

G-sQ8M04The two literally have fun times! Shingen hardly ever treats MC like a maid. I mean at first he does, but then after like a day, he up and decides to take the MC places and hang out! He takes the MC on so many dates, that even Yukimaru is like ‘… what is going on?’ Poor guy! Totes C BLOCKED! Ouch~!

But alas, drama always has to ensue! With all these happy times between the main pair, what with their dates, Shingen constantly giving her gifts and doting on her day and night, the other servants start to get jealous! (remember, she is suppose to be a maid!) They get so jealous they trash her room! Ouch! Talk about green with envy >_<!

Oh no! What will happen next! Well, I’m not ruining it! >: )

I adored this route! In fact, I’ve adored all the routes I’ve read! The characters are entertaining and their quirks set them apart from one another. I even enjoy  how in each route, each of the other characters continue to make an appearance!


Shingen is a great man, and or leader. He has high hopes and ambitions, he is even a hard worker as well! The extra stories even delve into that particular problem. Which is awesome to see side characters being given more character development, as they are portrayed more then just, well, SIDE CHARACTERS!

I insist you buy all the routes in Sengoku Darling! I sure am! Sasuke’s review is next! I can’t wait to get to him! I adored that cupcake!


Until next time~! This has been Bishie and I will see you next time!! xoxoxox





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