I often hear the childhood friend in otome titles getting bashed on. They don’t a good rep, just because, well… Their the childhood friend! It is because of this biased I hear going around, that I give more love to the childhood friend trope character. And honestly, it wasn’t hard for this character, Sanada Yukimura.


The description for him paints him as the Yandere/Twisted character. The story behind how he came to be this way, was thankfully explained in his route and made me appreciate him even more! He shows his yandere side only when threatened with the heroine potentially leaving him, or someone else taking her away! His twisted side comes out, only when he is doing his job.


When it comes to the heroine, oh my gosh, he is so sweet. >_< And (spoiler…) he cries so much, when he gets so damn happy, it’s the cutest thing! Yukimura has struggled his whole life and during his long struggle, he has never forgotten the heroine, or their promise to one day marry her. There is such a cute story behind a handkerchief he gives to the heroine!


I enjoyed Yukimura’s route, I loved his story coming together and the messages he gave me after the end of every chapter. I even enjoyed how possessive he got with us.  When the heroine is indecisive about either staying with him or not, he just goes full yandere on her!


The heroine is unsure of his intentions, since a lot of politics goes along with her position there. But after this scene, she gets time to contemplate, even has a chance to escape! (Thanks to her loyal bodyguard) But she doesn’t and ends up understanding that what she is feeling is love! And Yukimura CRIES! (because he is so damn happy!) 

I was just going to read a few chapters here and there, but the entire route sucked me right in! And the background music wasn’t so bad either! I enjoyed so much reading Yukimura’s story, I was glad I chose him first! He may have been the childhood friend, but it was established, that the guy has grown up and become a different person, though he still loves and cherishes the heroine with all his being.

Afterall… He never stopped thinking about her!!

tumblr_inline_nuy3rf8Osy1tq6w69_500I am definitely going to be reading more routes for this game! I will also be doing all his endings, since we get new messages from him and even CG’s! I am excited to do the extra stories for him as well! I am not sure who I will choose next, but I will be doing a review for each guy eventually!

Thanks guys! This has been Bishie, with your otome update & I’ll see you next time~!

Bishie OUT~!



2 thoughts on “Sengoku Darlings: Yukimura’s Route Review

  1. Awwwww thank you so much! >.< comments make me feel motivated! 💋💋 I'm still working on those other reviews. Work has me in a choke hold! XDD


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