If you don’t follow me on Twitter, that’s fine! But I had a special announcement for everyone! I will be making my full time gig here on WordPress with reviews on games and movies! If you follow me, then you know I write various reviews on things I love!

stole my heart

This will continue and I will be ready and roaring on Monday with a new review coming out. Idk what it will be on, but it will be on either Beauty and the Beast 2017, LOZ BOTW, or something else that I love! I’ll surprise! Maybe I’ll start reviewing anime! Who knows, but writing is my passion and I want to continue that!


ANOTHER announcement is that I will be continuing my fan-fiction and or original novel series on my AO3 page!

You are probably wondering why I even stopped in the first place! Well that was because I started a YouTube page, and of course that was wonderful! Amazing even! I had so much fun! But… It was so much work and sadly, YouTube just isn’t going to pay the bills. Writing doesn’t of course, at least not now, but it doesn’t take all my time. And well, it’s my passion.


Guys, Queen Bishie is ready and roaring to start on reviews and my writing again! xoxoxoxoxoxo Love you guys and I’ll see you soon~!


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