Yes, the title is correct. The Ring movie, from 2002, is officially a trilogy! Rings, is a movie being released today that is the third installment for the American horror franchise, The Ring. And boy, am I fan of the last two!

I will being see Rings on Saturday, so be prepared for my separate review on that, but this post will be covering why I adore the first two Ring movies and why you should see them! If you have seen them already, feel free to chime in with your own comments on whether you enjoyed or disliked the films. 

theringpostereAhhhhhh, nostalgia~  The 2002 release of this movie was met with very positive reviews. In fact, the budget for this movie was 48 million and the box office raked in 249.3 million! Woah~!  The Ring wasn’t a Hollywood original though, in fact, it was a remake of the Japanese movie, Ring. (Most definitely worth a viewing too!)

The premise of the movie, without spoiling it for those who haven’t seen it yet, is that there is a certain VHS tape you are never to watch. And if you do watch this VHS tape, you have only 7 days to live! (cue scary music)


Now I know your what your probably thinking! A VHS? Seriously? What’s a VHS? I know, I’m a dinosaur! But VHS’s way back when were like Blu Ray’s now, but with way lower quality and horrible rewind and fast forward options. (seriously… we have it easy now…)

Anyways, back in 2002 the very thought of a sinister, VHS tape that could kill you within a week, with only 1 viewing was absolutely terrifying. And the movie The Ring, showcased a little girl, named Samara, who would come after you!

maxresdefault(The Ring, 2002, Samara)

Yeah, I know… Pretty creepy stuff! Even now, it’s still terrifying to stare at the picture above and not envision that image coming to life to come crawling out of the screen to get you! BUT, Samara has rules! Seven days! She rings you up on your phone, no joke, and tells you that you got seven days!

This is what I love about Horror movies! RULES! And The Ring had a great, teeth biting rule! You only had seven days to live after you viewed the tape! What the hell are you going to do during that time!? Binge watch a season of Gilmore Girls? Rob a bank? Live out some insane fantasy!? Or… Would you be like the main character in The Ring, and try to save your own life?

The Ring movie was the perfect blend of scares, eerie music, eerie sound effects and chills to make this a MUST SEE! You can not say you never seen The Ring, it’s classic! Spawning comedy parodies, having the phone call from Samara quoted countless of times and even gaining a huge cult following! And if you haven’t seen The Ring yet, well what are you waiting for? Go ahead, go see it! I’ll wait…

No seriously! I will. Go, shoo~ Come back when you finish!

Back? Ok, let’s continue!

Now The Ring spawned a sequel, quite ingeniously titled, The Ring Two! (Would have loved to be the fly on the wall for that brainstorming session~)

mv5bmty2odc2ntq2of5bml5banbnxkftztywnza4otu3-_v1_ux182_cr00182268_al_This one is a direct sequel from The Ring, starring the same cast of characters, on another hell bending adventure to get Samara, off their tails! The damn VHS tape continues to plague them, even when we thought the threat had ended. Now, I don’t want my review of these movies to be spoiler-ish of the endings and plot. All I can, is that karma always comes to bite you in the butt~! And Samara wants to end what had begun in the first movie! (Oh… BRING IT SAMARA!)

ooe3a                                        (Gif: 2001, Not Another Teen Movie)

Riding off the success from the first one, The Ring Two opens right into the action! No seriously, we open only five minutes in with someone getting to view the cursed VHS tape! I gotta say, the opening scene for The Ring Two, is something my friends and I always end up discussing the most. In my opinion, it sets up the movie very well, and hooked me, making me remembered why I adored the first Ring movie.

Naomi Watts, plays the protagonist, Rachel Keller, in both movies and she does a extremely good job, in playing the horror movie heroine. Her screams, expressions and simple cues, were delivered very nicely and I was never thrown off by cheesiness or over acting.


Also, David Dorfman plays her son, Aidan Keller. For me, it was hard to find child actors, that could pull off convincing roles in horror movies, without coming off as annoying. However, this wasn’t the case and the academy agreed with me, because David Dorfman was nominated for Best Actor for his role in The Ring!

mv5bmtk4ntyxnjqxmf5bml5banbnxkftztywmde4otu3-_v1_sx640_sy720_(The Ring Two, 2005)

I think the pair worked well together and it showed in both movies.  I never found Aidan to be annoying whenever he was given screen time, and when Rachel was beside him and taking care of him, I believed that was her son. The immersion was there, and I give the actress and actor credit for playing their roles well. In both movies.

Should you watch The Ring movies before watching Rings (2017)? Yes! If you haven’t, PLEASE DO! Their great movies to sit around with friends, with popcorn and pillows and view together. Or, you could view them alone… IF YOU DARE~! Do they hold up in today’s standards? Well, the imagery for the cursed VHS is still creepy and rather jarring, but I don’t think those born after 2000 would be scared of a VHS tape. However… If it went digital!!!! (cue scary music… AGAIN)


Go watch The Ring movies, both 1 & 2! Then come back for my semi-free of spoilers review of RINGS coming out this SUNDAY!

I’m Bishie, I love anything Horror related and I will see you next review~!

BISHIE OUT~! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox






3 thoughts on “Popcorn Horror: The Ring Trilogy!! Spoiler Free Review!

  1. Wait, it was a trilogy??! This was the movie that utterly made me terrified of ever watching a horror movie again lol. I’m a total wuss puss. It did its job in being absolutely horrifying and lingering for weeks after the credits rolled.


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