If anyone were to ask me what my most quoted movie was, I would turn to them and say ‘Do you really have enough time for this?’ 

It’s true! Monty Python and the Holy Grail is my all time favorite movie! I quote this movie to friends, family and even out loud, while the movie plays! Whenever this movie is shown in theaters, I make sure I get the day off from work to see it! Honestly, its that good! Even now, the comedy still makes me laugh out loud and I watch every minute, from start to end.


Alright, your probably thinking to yourself… ‘Is it really that good? It looks like a low budget comedy!’ And to that I say, this movie was made with only a $400,ooo budget and guess how much it raked in at the box office!? You ready?

 5 million dollars! Woah…! 

Just goes to show, looks aren’t everything! But I’m not here to sway you with box office numbers. No, no, I want you to be swayed with my words of love and praise for this movie, that I am so happy was introduced in my life.


Monty Python & The Holy Grail (MP&THG) is the tale of a King Arthur, played Graham Chapman, who travels around England, looking for Knights of the round table, on his trusty ‘stead’, followed alongside  his Squire Patsy.

Oh, and there are no horses in this movie. ‘Wait, what? No horses!?’


That’s right, NO, horses. The budget was so low on this movie, the entire cast decided to improvise! They cut coconuts in half and started banging them together to imitate the sound of horse hoofs! Through the entire movie, all these valiant Knights are riding around on… ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. It’s extremely hilarious and actually one of the greatest quirks this movie gives us!

If the opening credits to this movie didn’t warn you on what the tone of the movie was going to be like, then the opening scene defiantly does! The entire opening scene is so memorable, they made shirts to memorialize the whole conversation!


If you ever wanted to know the difference between an African Swallow and an European Swallow, then well, this movie educated you for a good two minutes! And this was just King Arthur trying to ask to see the Lord of one castle, so he could invite him on the quest! What quest? Well, the quest for the Holy Grail!

downloadYes, this is the entire premise of the movie! Throughout the ENTIRE film, our valiant knights are searching for this one grail! And along the way, hijinks and comedy ensues! Each valiant knight in Arthur’s party, gets their own screen time with their personal quests in the search! The following is just one laugh after the other!

The first Knight Arthur picks up, is Sir Bedevere the Wise, played by Terry Jones! And his scene is yet another memorable and quote worthy part of the movie!

There are so many of memorable scenes guys, its hard to choose my favorite! That is why I cannot give the film enough praise! I can sit through this entire movie and never get bored!The movie is literally in chapters and sequences that flow so well together!

Anyways, we meet Galahad, who is met with an angry crowd, who supposedly captured… A WITCH!?


Galahad has to decide whether this supposed witch is real or not! Especially since the crowd itself put a fake nose on her! Made of a carrot and string NO LESS!  

Needless to say, Arthur is impressed and votes for Galahad to join him! The pair ride off and the narrator tells us that along their travels, they meet other brave Knights, such as Sir Robin the Not-Quite-So-Brave-as-Sir-Lancelot, played by Eric IdleSir Lancelot the Brave, played by John Cleese, and Sir Galahad the Pure, played by Michael Palin.


Guys I can seriously go on forever and explain every scene out to you! But that would be spoiling the comedy gold, to which you should see for yourselves! Who knows, maybe if you watch it, you will finally understand where certain quotes come from and jokes, that others have used in TV shows and such! Or even certain parody anime vids with the audio from the movie thrown in! I’m looking at you Neon Genesis vid!!

Though the budget was low for this movie, the actors and actresses starring in this film made it remarkable! You can tell they had a lot of fun with it! They made comedy gold with what little they had, and it shows just how good of comedians these cast members are!

montypythonholygrail390_0So if your looking for something to watch with a group of friends, or if you just wanna laugh alone! Pick up this movie! It’s the best 92 minutes you will ever spend! And it will leave you quoting the entire thing, for years to come!

I’m BishieFanatic and I will leave this blog post with one of my favorite scenes from the movie, that just tickles my funny bone SO MUCH! XD Have a great time guys! xoxo



Bishie Out~! xoxox


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