As a gamer who only played two games in the Assassins Creed franchise, I was going into this movie with an open mind. I wasn’t actually expecting much, especially after the Rotten Tomatoes scores (17%…) But as a girl who doesn’t let reviews sway me from going to see a film, especially one with Michael Fassbender… I decided, what the hell and went!

So, alongside my movie buddy, Mike, we went and watched Assassins Creed The Movie.



As a stand alone movie, it worked well, explaining to the viewer, not in exposition, but actual original story telling. Ok, so there was some exposition in the beginning, but that was only about the “APPLE OF EDEN” that the Templars want. It was necessary to explain what the major hot topic of the movie was to be centered around!

Basically, the Templars are searching for the Apple Of Eden in order to control free will, to stop violence and to make everyone bow down to them. That is the Templar goal in a nutshell. So who is gonna combat the Templar’s? Well, that would be the Assassins. They take their creed very seriously. No joke! They mention it a lot in the movie, which is fine, because if your not a player of the games, then you will need to know as much backstory as possible.


So to go about getting the Apple of Eden (pictured above), the Templars use ‘science’ to make a machine, the Animus, that takes future descendants of Assassins, and forces them to relive memories of their ancestors.This way the Templars can trek the Apple of Eden’s whereabouts, using the memories of the past. I know, it sounds far fetched, but honestly, it’s a pretty fun premise, that spawned numerous games in the series!

It just so happens Fassbender’s character, Callum is the descendant of a very powerful Assassin, who just so happened to be the last person to have the Apple Of Eden in his possession. Uh oh! But Callum is totally jaded with the world! He has problems of his own, and he cares not whether good or bad wins! So the Creed that his ancestors go by, doesn’t matter to him! All he cares about… Is himself.

Will the memories of his ancestors help him to remember what is important? Or… Will Callum end up helping the Templars fulfill their goal and make the entire world bow down to them!?


What we got was an original story, using the Assassins Creed Video Game, narrative. And it was awesome! The beginning started off slow, sure, but by the middle and end, it got amazing! I just don’t understand the scores some of the critics were giving it. It boggled my mind, why it had received such poor scores. What were they expecting? Game controllers to come down from the ceiling, so that you could play the movie yourself?

The acting was very well done, especially by Micheal Fassbender and the lady scientist, played by Marion Cotillard. I also give credit to the supporting actors and actresses, because they also played their parts well.

If I had to list out one complaint, it would be that I wanted to see more of the other Assassins the Templars had imprisoned and forced into the Animus. These characters were awakened to their ancestor memories and accepted who they were suppose to be! It was pretty cool!

There was a slow beginning, fast middle, and epic end that meshed perfectly together! There was conflict, humor and action. And quite frankly, little to no romance, which was a miracle! Because whenever I see dumb romance scenes in action movies, it ends up just making me roll my eyes in dread. The last thing I need from an action movie, is a sappy love story, to bring crappy filler. No, instead I received great fight scenes, Easter eggs from the video game and wanting a SEQUEL by the end of it!

Was this movie flawless? No, absolutely not, but what movie is? Was this movie worth the ticket price? Yes! Would I see it again…? Yeah, sure why not. It wasn’t groundbreaking, but it wasn’t as bad as the movie BloodRayne… NOW THAT, was a bad game movie!

I would score this movie a solid 7/10, which for me is fairly decent! It’s a good popcorn flick and a great way to spend two hours of your time! I recommend you go see it, if you are into video games, or if you just wanna see a good story unfold.


I’m Bishie and this has been my first movie review~! I hope you guys got something out of it! Cya guys next movie, which will be ‘The Bye Bye Man!’ Until then…

BISHIE out~! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo



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