I’m a sucker for RPG MAKER games! Whether they are short, long, bad or good, I adore any and all of them! Something about them just fascinates me! Maybe it’s the nostalgia I get from seeing the design and the simple game controls, or maybe because, while the graphics may not be triple A quality, the story is phenomenal.

I can, without a doubt, STRONGLY say, I was blown away by Episode One of Angel of Death! By the end, I was crying out, ‘WHY ISN’T THIS AN ANIME’!? The characters, the story, the way the script was written, how  the original assets were crafted with care! Even the game play was amazing! WOW, episode one BLEW ME AWAY!! I still have a huge grin on my face! I couldn’t wait to write out my thoughts and first impressions!

Firstly, thank you to PLAYISM for publishing this game, along with other RPG MAKER horror games, such as LiEat and Alicemare two games I will defiantly be purchasing and playing in the future! Supporting the developers who create these types of masterpieces is a strong belief of mine and they deserve all the money they get. Let’s hope more come out in the future!       (For a full list of PLAYISM games on STEAM click here!)


Going into Angel of Death, I didn’t know what to expect. You start off as Rachel Gardner (Ray, for short), a thirteen year old who awakes confused and wondering where she is, where everyone is and why she is there! After you come to your bearings, you begin to search around and after making quick work around the area, find yourself in front of an elevator, to which the speakers on the floor you are on blare out a foreboding announcement…

‘The girl on the bottom floor is here by a sacrifice…’


Wow, I was not expecting what was to come when I descended the elevator up NOT down! Rachel finds herself suddenly playing a game, she never wanted to play! Or… Did she?

The main character, Rachel, isn’t bland or boring, nor annoying. The mystery surrounding why she is there in the first place, lingers on each floor she visits,  and on each character she meets! And I’m seriously rooting for her! The game did such a good job engrossing me into her story!

As with every RPG MAKER game, I found myself voicing out the characters, not only in my head, but out loud! Each character you are met with has his/her own special personality and quirks that just makes it hard NOT to voice them out. I wasn’t kidding when I said that this game should be an anime! (hint, hint!) The pacing was so well done and the script, though the occasional misspelling, was done so perfectly, that I forgot I was even playing a RPG Maker game! (Seriously!)

thats wise.png

As stated in the title, I will not be spoiling any of who you meet in the game. I can say that Rachel eventually is partnered up with a rather unusual fellow, with a dark part for himself.dfsfsdfsd

And the pair really work well off of one another, bringing to life the story further and with much more depth. By the end of the episode, I was totally engrossed in their struggles, I cared if they lived or died and I defiantly wanted to know the ending of their story!

I really wish for everyone to experience this going in completely fresh, like I did. I wasn’t expecting any of what I actually got and I was just floored! Yet another great RPG MAKER game that continues to impress me!


As of right now Angel of Death is 8.99 on STEAM for the full 4 EPISODES contained within, thanks to a generous 10% discount for early birds who grab up the game! This will end on January, so grab it up while you can! Would I pay full price for this game? SURE AS HECK YES I WOULD! If Episode One got me this pumped for  the remaining three other episodes, then it was worth every dime!

Go, go, purchase it for yourself! I assure you, if you adore such games as IB, Mad Father and Witch’s House, you will fall in love with this game! I can not wait to continue the story! And I hope you, the reader, jump on board and experience it as well!


Written By: BishieFanatic~! xoxox

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5 thoughts on “First Impressions & Non-Spoiler Game Review of: Angel Of Death; Episode One

  1. I love RPG maker games too, I didn’t know about this one 👀👀👀✨
    I love when characters swear, makes them even more likeable to me 👏👏👏👌
    I need to add this to my wish list, sounds great!
    Also, awesome first post in your blog, looking forward to more Bishie! 🎆🎇🎉🎊


      1. Ooh, are you going to be doing YouTube videos?! :000 Now I’m super curious, when you make it do share so I can stalk 👀👀👌🔥


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